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All American Assisted Living at Hillsborough

A Vibrant Senior Living Community

All American Assisted Living at Hillsborough is a cost-effective alternative to traditional assisted living. With all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury senior living facility, Hillsborough is truly a community where you can feel comfortable and cared for.

We offer various personal care services and ample opportunities for social interaction and exciting activities that create a safe and engaging space for our residents. We take pride in providing a truly custom experience so you can enjoy your perfect balance of support and independence.

We offer a few different levels of care plans so you can find something that fits your lifestyle and needs. Whether you need enhanced support with Memory Care or simply enjoy having fewer things to worry about with Assisted Living, we’re sure you can find comfort at Hillsborough.

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Something for Every Lifestyle

Assisted Living at Hillsborough offers residents a chance to enjoy their day-to-day without the added stress of certain activities. You can live as independently as you’d like with the added comfort of knowing our team is available to help 24/7.

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For individuals with dementia or memory loss, Memory Care at Hillsborough may be the perfect solution. Our compassionate team works hard to provide you with the care you need without sacrificing social connections and other fun activities.

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Our Respite Program is an excellent option if you want to try assisted living without a long-term commitment or if you need a place to recover from an injury. With 24-hour staff and a myriad of wonderful programs, our community is a great place to call home, even if it’s temporary!

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