All American Assisted Living at Hillsborough

About All American Assisted Living at Hillsborough

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A Community to Live in Comfort

When you join our community, you will experience the familiar comfort of home with the added security of assisted living. We take pride in giving our residents a community that meets their emotional, physical, and mental needs through compassionate staff and enhanced care.

We have 3 levels of care to ensure you receive the right balance of independence and support you need to thrive. It’s important to us that you have a place that offers engaging activities and hands-on care when you need it.

Our Community

All American Assisted Living at Hillsborough is surrounded by lush greenery, giving you that “rural retreat” feeling. Nestled along 206 Highway just outside of the city, you have easy access to all the services and shopping Hillsborough has to offer, plus excellent features within the community. When you’re part of our community, your needs will be met.

Our Core Values


We understand that feelings are a natural, human response. We encourage you to feel your emotions and will do our best to help however we can.


Integrity means doing what’s right, even when nobody’s looking. Our team is sure to do the same for you, treating you with the highest standard of care, no matter what.


Every person that walks through our door is deserving of respect, which we believe is a fundamental human right. Every resident is treated with the same courtesy we’d want for ourselves.

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