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7 Benefits of Senior Living You Can’t Get at Home

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benefits of senior living

According to AARP, nearly 90 percent of people over 65 want to age at home. This is certainly not surprising, right? Home is where you’re most comfortable, and most people also assume it’s the safest and cheapest option, not to mention where you’ll have the best quality of life. But that’s not necessarily true in all cases. In fact, there are some things about senior living that may surprise you.

Benefits of senior living that you won’t find at home

1. Maintenance-free living – One of the best benefits of senior living is that you’ll no longer have the stress of managing a home on your shoulders. Communities like ours provide full maintenance, housekeeping, linen service, and restaurant-style dining for you, so you’ll have more freedom and more time to enjoy life!

2. Everything you need right outside your door – At home, you most likely have to travel to the gym or beauty salon, but the fact that everything is on-site is a key benefit of senior living. Not to mention there is the convenience of scheduled transportation, so you no longer have to worry about driving all over town. Some communities also offer concierge services that make daily life easier.

3. Social connection and fulfillment – Opportunities to socialize and stay engaged may be limited at home and may be difficult to get to as well. It can be lonely, particularly if you live alone. In senior living in Somerset County, friends, neighbors, and team members are always nearby. Plus, our monthly calendar includes social events, exercise programs, classes, clubs, live music and entertainment, opportunities for creative expression, game nights, group outings, religious services, volunteer opportunities, and more as a benefit of senior living!

For more information on senior living in Hillsborough Township, download our Stay or Go Guide.

4. A focus on wellness – We know that wellness is key to healthy aging, and one of the benefits of senior living is that it’s even easier to support all aspects of it with a fitness center and exercise classes designed for seniors, spacious grounds to enjoy nature, and nutritious dining plus educational as well as enrichment programs.

5. Support that empowers independence – When you choose senior living in Somerset County, you’ll find individualized wellness plans and personal care staff onsite 24/7, so residents have as little or as much support as they need to thrive. It’s a balance that fosters independence and may even help residents feel more empowered as they no longer have to call family, friends, and neighbors for help like they would at home, which is such an important benefit of senior living.

6. Peace of mind – At home, you might have to make modifications to improve safety or accommodate mobility challenges. However, another one of the benefits of senior living is that these communities are already designed with safety and accessibility features. Not to mention with emergency response systems and support always at hand, it’s easier to feel safe and secure. Communities like ours also have multiple levels of care on the same campus for added peace of mind.

7. Better ability to budget – Homeownership often comes with unexpected expenses, whether it’s repairs, updates, or just increased costs of utilities, groceries, and other home goods. However, in senior living in Somerset County, your monthly expenses are more predictable, and communities often offer various pricing models that give you more control over how, when, and what you’ll pay, making budgeting easier.

For more information on senior living communities, download our Stay or Go Guide or contact us today to schedule a tour.

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