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What Daily Life for a Memory Care Resident Is Like

What daily life for a memory care resident is like

In researching the options for memory care in Somerset County for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, you’ve likely learned all about the services, features, and wonderful benefits of this type of senior living in helping them thrive. While these are all important as you compare communities to find […]

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Tips for Having the Senior Living Conversation with Your Older Parents

Tips for having the senior living conversation

The senior living conversation is one of the most difficult conversations you can have with your parents, regardless of how close you are or how well you communicate with each other. Unfortunately, many adult children feel so uncomfortable that they avoid it altogether, which, all too often, leaves decisions about senior living until a crisis […]

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Key Differences Between Nursing Homes and Senior Living Communities

Key differences between nursing homes and senior living

Whether it’s a health scare, a chronic medical condition that’s worse, the need for more opportunities to stay social and active, or you’re just tired of maintaining the house, there are many reasons to consider some additional help. However, families often believe that moving to a nursing home is one of the only options. Not […]

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Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were

Senior living communities today

While most people assume the term “senior living” is simply a fancier way to talk about nursing homes, that’s not the case at all. Nursing homes of the past provided skilled, round-the-clock care, and today they still do. But although nursing homes were once the only option, what’s known today as senior living now offers […]

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Home Safety Issues Seniors and Their Loved Ones Should Know

Home Safety Issues

Home safety should be a concern at any age, particularly for seniors. In fact, injuries from falls, home fires, and medication errors are much more common among those 65 and older for reasons that may include weaker muscles, more brittle bones, slower reaction times, impaired vision and balance, or perhaps even diminished cognitive abilities. There […]

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