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Short-Term Support & Care

Respite Care is a unique level of care that offers attentive support and 24-hour care for residents who are only with us temporarily. Some situations mean that you may need a place to call hope for a short amount of time, and we can offer you just that!

Residents who join us for respite care are welcome to stay for 30 days or longer. While here, you will have full access to everything our vibrant community has to offer. From your own fully-furnished suite and 3 delicious home-style meals to 24/7 available support and various gorgeous amenities, you will be at home at Hillsborough.

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What is Respite Care?

Respite care is an individualized plan of care for residents looking to join our community only temporarily. You can source personalized care and support from our team for any length of stay over 30 days.

Typically, people seek respite care for 1 of 3 reasons:

If you have a regular caregiver, there may come a time when they’re temporarily unavailable. Whether they have to leave for an urgent last-minute trip or illness, we’re here to help.

If your primary caregiver becomes unavailable temporarily, respite care is an excellent option to ensure your needs are still met. Your stay with us can also help alleviate and prevent caregiver burnout, which gives your caregiver a much-needed break so they can continue to meet your needs effectively.

Experiencing an injury or illness can make performing daily activities difficult and, in some cases, impossible. If you require extra support while you recover, we can help.

Respite care makes your recovery extra comfortable for as long as you may need it. Our staff will help you with your daily activities to make your life easier, like getting dressed, using the restroom, or dining.

If you’re interested in community living but aren’t ready to commit to it, respite care may be a good option. Because it is a temporary stay, it gives you a chance to try out our services and amenities before deciding if it’s a good fit for you.

If you decide to give us a try, there is zero obligation for you to return. However, we find that many of our respite residents enjoy our care so much that they eventually return full time.

No matter your decision, we will always welcome you with open arms and help you find a care plan that works best for you.

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We’d love for you to see what we have to offer. Find our community just off Highway 206, just down the road from Medicore Cardiology.

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