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The Top 5 Benefits of Assisted Living for Older Adults

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Benefits of assisted living

Often families choose assisted living when a loved one begins to need help with daily activities, has a health scare, or has a chronic condition that’s getting worse. While assisted living in Somerset County is ideal for these needs, these communities offer much more than support. In fact, you may be surprised just how active, enriching, and fun the lifestyle can be. Check out the benefits of assisted living.

The Basics of Assisted Living in Somerset County

Assisted living is a level of care within senior living that provides housing and support services in a warm, homelike community setting. Here’s what you can typically expect from assisted living in Somerset County in communities like ours:

  • A private apartment-style suite in a range of options including 1- and 2-bedroom floor plans
  • 24/7 onsite personal care staff
  • Onsite registered nursing team and regular health assessments
  • Personalized wellness program and support with daily tasks
  • Medication management program
  • Concierge services
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Exercise gym
  • Library
  • Full-service beauty salon and barbershop
  • Monthly events and activities calendar
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Full maintenance

Download our Just the Facts Guide to Assisted Living to learn more.

Extra Benefits of Assisted Living

What many families don’t realize about assisted living in Somerset County is that these communities focus on overall well-being, not just physical support so the lifestyle also helps seniors thrive socially, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually as well. As such, the benefits of assisted living that your loved one will enjoy include:

  1. Less Stress – The older we get, the more stressful managing a home can be with the responsibilities of housekeeping, laundry, cooking, maintenance, and yard upkeep a constant burden. One of the benefits of assisted living in communities like ours is that we take care of all those chores for you, not only reducing your stress but giving you more time to enjoy life!
  2. Convenience – We mentioned the amenities in our communities above and they really are one of the top benefits of assisted living. At home, you rarely have conveniences like a gym and beauty salon right outside your door. Not to mention transportation so you no longer have to worry about driving and concierge services as you’d expect on vacation. It just makes life easier and residents love feeling pampered!
  3. Connection and fulfillment – In assisted living in Somerset County, your loved one won’t experience the loneliness many seniors feel at home. Friends, neighbors and care staff are always nearby and we provide a range of activities to help you stay active, connected, and engaged with life. Residents enjoy social events, exercise programs, classes, clubs, live music and entertainment, opportunities for creative expression, game nights, group outings, religious services, volunteer opportunities, and more among the benefits of assisted living.
  4. Independence – Losing independence is a common fear among seniors, but in assisted living in Somerset County, you’ll find an environment that empowers it. Our communities are thoughtfully designed to give residents as much independence as possible with a personalized wellness program that ensures your loved one has just the right amount of support needed without slowing them down.
  5. Peace of mind – Beyond the comfort of having support available 24/7, assisted living communities like ours are specifically designed with safety features like emergency response systems, grab bars, and wheelchair ramps along with an easy-to-navigate environment that minimizes steps and fall hazards as standard. One of the other benefits of assisted living is that many of our communities offer multiple levels of care within the same campus which offers even more peace of mind for your family should your loved one’s health needs evolve.

For more information download our Just the Facts Guide to Assisted Living or contact us today to schedule a tour. 

Guide to Assisted Living

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