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What’s Important for You in a Senior Living Community

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What's important for you in a Senior Living community

Deciding to move to a senior living community is a huge step. And with that decision, you may think the hardest part is behind you. Yes and no. Next is to choose the right senior living community. While it’s exciting to see all the features and amenities available, at the same time, all the choices can become overwhelming. Deciding what’s most important before you start touring is key. But how do you do that? These tips can help.

Consider Your Needs in a Senior Living Community

You or your loved one may have had any number of reasons to decide to move to a senior living community. Perhaps it was a health incident, a chronic condition that’s becoming harder to manage, a desire for more social interaction, or difficulty managing home upkeep. Often, it’s a combination of reasons, and by assessing your current situation at home (or that of your loved one), you’ll be able to more easily determine the type of senior living community that would be right for your needs. So, start by answering these questions:

 Yes No 
Health issues or concerns?   
Mobility challenges?   
Cognitive challenges?   
Challenges performing daily activities independently?   
Concerns about maintaining the house and/or yard?   
Concerns about proper nutrition and/or preparing meals independently?   
Concerns about medication management?   
Transportation challenges and/or driving concerns?   
Safety issues in the home?   
Would you benefit from more social opportunities?   
Would you like to find a new hobby or learn something new?   

Don’t forget to consider your preferred location and budget for senior living in Hillsborough Township as well!

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Now, Narrow Your Options for Senior Living

With your or your loved one’s needs in mind, now you can determine which type of senior living community would work best. Many people don’t even realize that different types of senior living in Hillsborough Township are available, but those differences are essential in narrowing your options. Here’s what each type offers.

Independent Living

These senior living communities are for active seniors who can live independently but are looking for more social opportunities and amenities than they may have at home, in addition to freedom from the hassles of chores and home upkeep.

Assisted Living

This type of senior living community is similar to independent living in terms of amenities and social and enrichment options. But in addition, assisted living provides personalized care and support with daily tasks like bathing and dressing from professionally-trained staff as needed while empowering residents to live as independently as possible.

Memory Care

Specifically for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, the staff in this type of senior living community is specially trained in memory care. You’ll find 24-hour supervision, therapy, structured activities, and social opportunities in a safe, calming environment here.

What’s more, some communities have multiple types of senior living on the same campus for added convenience and peace of mind.

Consider What You Want in a Senior Living Community

Once you or your loved one has determined the type of senior living community, it’s time to consider what you want out of the experience. The options are endless, so the best approach is to identify what is non-negotiable to you and what would simply be nice to have. Remember, basics like meals, housekeeping, maintenance, group transportation, and activities are typically included in the monthly fee already. This checklist, with some of the most popular features for senior living in Hillsborough Township, can help you get started with the rest of your wants.

Features Non-Negotiable Nice-to-Have 
Private accommodations   
Washer/dryer in the apartment   
Full kitchen   
Balcony or patio   
Ample storage   
Multiple dining venues   
Outdoor spaces/walking paths   
Busy social calendar   
Offsite outings     
Range of enrichment opportunities   
Spa service   
Pet friendly   
Common areas to host family/friends   
24-hour onsite care   
Onsite medical   
Onsite rehabilitation   
Special diets   
Fitness center/classes   
Emergency Call Technology   
Keypad Entry/Exit   
Emergency Preparedness Plan   

For more help determining what’s most important to you for senior living in Hillsborough Township, download our Choosing the Right Community Guide today! Or contact us today to schedule a tour.

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