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Dispelling the Most Common Fears About Senior Living

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Dispelling the most common fears about senior living

When the time comes to consider senior living in Hillsborough Township, it’s emotional for the entire family. But for seniors in particular, there are a number of common fears about senior living associated with the move. These fears are often primarily due to the many misperceptions about senior living. However, the reality is that those stigmas of the past simply aren’t true today. Here, we’ll identify those fears about senior living and dispel them one by one.

Common Fears About Senior Living

1. Fear of losing independence

A move to senior living is often seen as a tipping point to losing your independence entirely. But this fear about senior living is often unfounded as many are actually able to be more independent after the move. How? For one, the environment fosters independence by providing choices in everything from accommodations to support services to how you spend each day. Also, when seniors need help at home, they typically call friends, family, and neighbors, leaving them feeling like a burden. However, in senior living in Hillsborough Township, everything is right outside your door, and support is always at hand should you need it. As a result, we find this helps our residents feel more empowered and comfortable than at home.

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2. Fear of having to depend on others

When it comes to fears about senior living, this one really goes hand in hand with the fear of losing independence. There’s no question that it’s hard when the time comes for help with daily activities. But needing a little support doesn’t prevent you from being able to live life to its fullest. In fact, senior living communities are specifically designed to provide just the right amount of support. For example, we’ll build a personalized wellness program based on your specific wants and needs to help you thrive. That allows our care staff to be there when you need us without slowing you down.

3. Fear of being isolated and lonely

This is perhaps the biggest misperception of all the fears about senior living. In fact, isolation and loneliness are much more common at home, particularly among seniors who live alone. The social aspect of senior living in Hillsborough Township is actually one of its biggest draws. Friends, neighbors and care staff are always nearby. Plus, we offer a range of activities to help you stay active, connected, and engaged in life with a monthly calendar that includes social events, exercise programs, classes, clubs, live music and entertainment, game nights, group outings, religious services, volunteer opportunities, and more!

4. Fear of running out of money

Most people assume that staying at home will be less expensive than senior living in Hillsborough Township. While this explains why the cost is one of the top fears about senior living, the truth is that, in some cases, it actually costs less than home. To determine if this might be the case for you, compare the total monthly cost of living at home, not just your mortgage or rent, to the community’s monthly rent. That’s important because your total monthly cost of living at home also includes food, utilities, home maintenance, property taxes, insurance, and entertainment as well, not to mention the cost of at-home care if you use those services. All these are already included in the monthly cost of senior living in most cases! What’s more, there are also options to help pay for senior living, which makes it even easier to stretch your dollars.

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