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Staying Fit During Retirement in Hillsborough Township

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Senior couple with backpacks on a walk outdoors surrounded by trees in a path during Retirement in Hillsborough Township

Hillsborough Township in Somerset County, New Jersey, has been repeatedly named one of the nation’s best places to live by Money magazine. Not only does the area have a strong economy, a rich history, and so much to see and do, but it also has a range of outdoor recreation, golf, swimming, and fitness options, making it ideal for active seniors. Here’s how retirement in Hillsborough Township can help you thrive.

Get back to nature in Hillsborough Township

There are a multitude of benefits that come from spending time in nature, especially for retirees, from mental benefits such as a lower risk of depression and stress relief to physical benefits like increased energy, improved cardiovascular health, and lower blood pressure. Retirement in Hillsborough Township gives you ample opportunity to do so, including the following.

  • Duke Farms is one of the best natural areas in the state, with more than 1,000 acres dedicated to nature, natural beauty, and environmental education. Visitors can see abundant wildlife, witness the Great Falls, take a class, or learn about orchids and other native plants at the Orchid Range.  
  • Franklin Township’s Bunker Hill and Franklin Park Natural Areas offer more than 400 acres of raw beauty, which is great for birdwatching and hiking in woods and meadows.
  • Rutgers University Ecological Preserve in New Brunswick is also spectacular, covering 316 acres of eco-preserve dedicated to teaching but open for the public to enjoy walking, hiking, and viewing wildlife.  

Visit our helpful guide, “Senior Living in Hillsborough Township: Everything You Need to Know”.

Fitness opportunities in Hillsborough Township

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that adults aged 65 and older need at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week of moderate-intensity activity such as brisk walking. In addition, two days a week of activities that strengthen muscles, as well as activities that improve balance, are recommended. It’s easy to make that happen with retirement in Hillsborough Township when your options include the following.

  • The Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park is a great place to walk, wander, stroll, or hike. Featuring more than 70 miles of multi-use walking paths along the beautiful historic canal, visitors can also enjoy programs and activities designed for people of all ages.  
  • The Mike Merdinger Memorial Trail spans 2.3 miles through farmlands and woodlands and is considered a quick, easy route to complete.
  • Devil’s Half-Acre Trail at Sourland Mountain Preserve is a 2.5-mile moderately challenging loop trail.
  • Natirar Park features the 1.3-mile Great Meadows Trail and the 1.0-mile Upper Field Trail, which wind through meadows and fields along the North Branch of the Raritan River Corridor.  
  • The Neshanic Valley Golf Courses are nationally ranked championship courses that offer golfers the choice of 9-hole courses or a combination for 18 holes.
  • The Ridge at Back Brook is an 18-hole course that is both challenging and beautiful.  
  • The Max Challenge is a fitness program where classes and nutrition combine to meet your health and wellness goals.
  • Fitness Elite is a training studio that offers private and group options with a personalized program.
  • Hillsborough YMCA offers open swimming as well as water exercise classes.  

Staying fit during retirement at All American at Hillsborough

At All American at Hillsborough, we empower older adults to embrace their own health and well-being by creating lifestyles that inspire creativity, foster independence, protect dignity, and celebrate wisdom. Our mission is to provide the finest quality senior living with an emphasis on the important family values of compassion, integrity, and respect. A big part of this is helping our residents to age well by staying active. And it’s much easier to do so when everything you need is right outside your door. Our community features the following:

  • Senior-friendly exercise classes
  • A fitness center
  • Plenty of green space
  • Outdoor common areas
  • Walking trails

For more information on retirement in Hillsborough Township, visit our helpful guide, “Senior Living in Hillsborough Township: Everything You Need to Know” today.

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